Soft roll pear chutney crumble


Flour 200g,Dried yeast 2g,Sugar60g,Salt 4g,Egg 50g,Butter 50g,Instant custard powder 80g,Milk 70ml,Cake flour 10g,Almond powder 10g,Pear puree 10g

Production process:

  • Mix flour¡¢dried yeast¡¢sugar¡¢salt¡¢eggs¡¢butter and milk into the Fissler Food Processorwith constant speed.
  • Divide the flour to flour ball(40g/each).Let rest for 10 minutes until doubled.
  • Mix the butter&sugar equably, then add cake flour and almond powder,and use hands to rub them into granular.
  • Put the mixture on the ovenware, decorate with instant custard powder and pear puree, and remove to the oven 180¡æ about 15 minutes.(depends on the oven).