Chicken satay skewer with deep fried prawn cake


Chicken leg 200g,Prawn meat 50g,Squid 50g,Coriander 100g, Lemon grass 110g,Breadcrumbs 50g,onions 50g,Flour 130g,Garlic 40g,Cucumber 30g,Egg 50g,Olive oil 200g,

Soy sauce 20g,Satay sauce 50g,White sesame 5g,Chilli sauce 50g,Bamboo stick*4

Production process:

  • Cut the cucumbers¡¢onions into chunks ,and the chicken legs into strips of 1.5cm
  • Mix the Lemon grass¡¢onions¡¢satay sauce and chicken legs
  • String into the bamboo sticks, and souse for 15 minutes.
  • Heat Fissler pan with olive oil, put the chicken legs with satay sauce into it and dish-up when them become golden.
  • Mix the prawn meat and squid into Fissler Bamix,
  • Then mix coriander¡¢salt and pepper into the mixture.
  • Make the mixture into prawn cake, then put them into the flour&egg mixture,
  • Heat Fissler pan with olive oil and dish-up when them become golden.
  • Decorate white sesame, satay sauce and chilli sauce.